Floral Beauty

Saw this flower on a trip to the store, all by itself in a mostly dead garden. 


Drew a comic…

It’s poorly done, but I really needed to make a visual representation of a crazy customer encounter. The title comes from my retail rant blog of the same name. 


I actually made these guys earlier in the spring, but I’d put them away and forgotten where. I found them this evening, and I decided to let them chill on my desk for a while. The brown was made with a sock, the grey with a face cloth. I found the directions on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a ago, since my currently-limited cillection of craft supplies was sufficient to make them. 

(Most of my supplies got ruined after a leaky ceiling incident. :c )

Word searches

Can word searches be creative? Not necessarily, unless you do them the way I do. I found this book, completely untouched, shoved away in the back of a drawer in my desk. 

So, obviously circling words in a pre-made puzzle isn’t the most creative thing ever. But me, I like to doodle in the space around the word lists. My tomato doodles aren’t much, but I’m sure I’ll find something a little more inspiring further in. 

Apple of my eye 

I keep using markers trying to get bright colours, but it never turns out the way I imagine. I’m thinking I’ll have to resist using markers unless it’s in the case of those delicate images that are thin lines against black backgrounds. 


Had a notion to drawn a flower tonight. Looks a little like a lotus…but it does leave a lot to be desired. I don’t think the paper in my book takes my washable markers very well, either.  :/